Young England Kindergarten


Caterpillar Session (2 – 3 years old)
Five mornings: Monday to Friday: 8.45am to 12pm *

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* Children will have the option to stay for up to three afternoons on Monday; Wednesday and/or Thursday until 3pm, when we feel they are ready.

Butterfly Session (3 – 5 years old)
Two mornings and three full days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8.45am to 3pm; Tuesdays and Fridays from 8.45am to 12pm*

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* Tuesday is an optional afternoon until 3pm and only available to children when we feel they are ready.

Both Caterpillar and Butterfly sessions begin at 8.45am with free play time. During this time the children are encouraged to interact with each other and use a wide variety of equipment that is frequently changed and varied, such as: Quadroplay (climbing frame), various playhouses, trampoline, bikes and trikes, home corner, dressing up and lots to stimulate imaginative play.

The children sit for snack time in their groups around 10 o'clock. A delicious and healthy range of snacks is delivered daily to our door by our friends at V&Me.

Following snack time, the children engage in a small group activity with their key teacher. They enjoy a story-based curriculum that covers the seven areas of learning, where a book is chosen each week that revolves around the topic for the term.

Both sessions are taught in small groups (1 teacher to 4 children for Caterpillar Groups and 1 teacher to 8 children for Butterfly Groups) to ensure individual attention with activities such as arts and crafts, number, letter and shape work, as well as mark making and memory games. Children also have the opportunity to  use interactive screens for educational activities.

Each day the children are able to enjoy a range of extra-curricular activities. These include, Spanish (Butterfly groups only), drama, football, music, gardening, and ballet which is introduced to children in the term they turn three. The children also enjoy daily visits to the large garden in St George’s Square.

At 12pm the children from the Caterpillar groups go home, unless they have opted to stay for afternoon school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays when they will enjoy their lunch and then have playtime in the courtyard until 1pm.

Butterfly groups go home at 12pm on Tuesdays (unless they have opted to stay) and Fridays. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Butterfly groups have lunch at 12pm and then have playtime in the courtyard until 1pm.

Children can bring a packed lunch or alternatively families can pre-order a delicious and nutritious lunch from V&Me who will deliver your child’s order to YEK in time for lunch.

At 1pm the children come together as a collective for circle time before they commence their afternoon activity. These range from performing arts to Playball and other sports, including basketball, rugby, tennis, football and fencing. 

Our afternoon sessions are designed to introduce the children to an array of new experiences, and to help them become accustomed to the longer length of the school day that they will experience at Primary level.

The children then enjoy a story before home time at 3pm